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Hotel Cavalieri Palace
Hospitality since 1969
We give all our guests a warm welcome since 50 years
Hotel Cavalieri Palace
Courtesy and helpfulness
We are courteous and attentive to our guests’ requirements and wishes
Hotel Cavalieri Palace
Courtesy and helpfulness
We are courteous and attentive to our guests’ requirements and wishes
Hotel Cavalieri Palace
Quality and excellence
Excellente and quality at our guest disposal
Hotel Cavalieri Palace
Attenzione ai dettagli
L'atmosfera adatta per far sentire ogni singolo ospite a casa
Hotel Cavalieri Palace
Professionalità e attenzione
Curiamo i desideri dei nostri ospiti
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Hotel 4 Stars Jesolo

Come and enjoy the delights of a golden sandy beach, all the benefits of fresh sea air and much more at the stunning 4-star Hotel Cavalieri Palace on the sea front in Jesolo.

Experience a truly unforgettable seaside holiday in our family-run hotel where we pay attention to the very smallest details and guarantee guests absolutely top-notch service. The jewel in our crown is our gourmet food, and our chefs prepare special Mediterranean and international dishes that combine tradition and creativity. 
Situated right in front of the sea, the hotel is set in jaw-dropping scenery that has wowed entire generations of guests.

Our philosophy

"...looking after a guest means making sure they are completely happy throughout their stay. It all boils down to the little details – these are what make the difference between an average holiday and a holiday you’ll never forget.”

All our team at Hotel Cavalieri Palace strongly believe in this and each day they work attentively and professionally to ensure our guests are satisfied. We are courteous, helpful and attentive to our guests’ requirements and wishes – and these are the key qualities that guarantee outstanding service. Qualities that ensure our guests (or rather, our friends) will keep on returning time and time again – back to a place where they always feel at home.

Me and my husband really enjoyed it and would love to come back which we will do, it’s a different
place and feel to other resorts but we loved it so thank you for all the staff there, you saw them each
day and they always had a smile and welcome for you.


The finest hotel we have ever stayed at anywhere in Europe Staff Great, Food First Class, Hotel Pleasing in every aspect management could not have been more helpful. Our holiday was made perfect by this visit to this Hotel and Jesolo.


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It’s Mr. Roberto Cavallin that had the dream to build a reference object at the Lido di Jesolo and in 1969 the Hotel Cavalieri Palace arises. In those years Jesolo confirms itself as a seaside resort of high prestige.

From the beginning the Cavalieri distinguishes itself by the high elegance of the ambient, the excellent cuisine and the high quality of its services, certainly vanguard: the first Hotel with a heated swimming pool in Jesolo, sauna and air-conditioning in the rooms. The Hotel Cavalieri immediately fascinates the most demanding and detail interested clientele.


Mr. Cavallin manages the hotel together with his family till 1983, when he leaves the company for health reasons. For several seasons the Olivetti family continues the business until it becomes replaced by the society „Sun Club“.


In 1986 the group „Vacanze in ERRE“ overtakes the company and chooses me, Antonio Vigolo, as general Manager. From this moment on and even more since 1998 when I decided to run the hotel on my own I accepted the challenge to guide this prestigious hotel with respect for its tradition and personality.
This responsibility and the conviction that the sum of all the little details determine the difference between a common and an unforgettable stay, takes my special attention to guarantee our guests the courtesy and disposability of our qualified staff, an outstanding and recognized kitchen and excellent service.


In 2014 the Hotel Cavalieri Palace celebrates its 45th birthday and this historical event fullfills me with pride as I am managing this house full of tradition since many years now. I gaze proudly to the Cavalieri that in all this years and transformations never lost its credo to put its guests to the centre of attention and season after season demonstrates to be still an ambitioned destination and meeting point for those who feel at home since generations.

This event is a special occasion for me to thank all those people, who gave us their confidence for many years and so contributed to write the story of the Hotel Cavalieri Palace